Avenge your ancestors in this frenetic multiplayer brawler where each death means new powers!

Grandpa Bjorn - The Berserker

Dynasty: Clan Yngling


Dynasty Feud a frenetic multiplayer brawler where dynasties from different universes face off in brutal last-one standing deathmatches!

In Dynasty Feud, combat is centered around one-hit-kills. At the start of each match, players choose between up to 9 warrior families, each with 5 family members. Each character is simple to play but may have totally different abilities than other characters in the game. Instead of focusing on a single character, players will have to master entire dynasties to win their game.

Dynasty Feud features 45 characters entirely hand-drawn and animated in stunning pixel art. 4-player online play is available on Steam and PS4. 

DYNASTY FEUD was made in Bilbao by KAIA STUDIOS in collaboration with AHEARTFULOFGAMES.




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