Frequently Asked Questions:


The game does not save and I have to start every time from the beginning. Is that a bug?

Heart&Slash is a game of the genre roguelike (or roguelike-lite, or roguelite). That means that after a player is defeated, they must start from the beginning again. But every time the game will randomly generate a new map plan and spawn different equipment, so it remains challenging and surprising.

However, because it is a "lite" member of the genre, some progress is maintained between game sessions (aka "runs"). As you play through several runs and progress in the story, you will unlock different equipment (weapons, body parts) and perks (characters, permanent improvements), which will be available on future runs. Equipment will be spawned at random, so you cannot choose what to get. However, the perks will always be applied when starting anew.

If the game starts everytime from the beginning, how can there be any kind of story?

The adventures of Heart are explored through several runs. Each time you play, you might find Slash or the Doctor, who might ask you to perform some quest, or to survive a challenge.

After successfully completing a quest, subsequent runs can spawn the next bit of the story. Completing all the quests will bring the story of Heart and Slash to a close, opening up a special game ending.

I've had the game crash on PlayStation 4!

We are aware of crashes on PS4 introduced with the last patch. We will release a new patch fixing the issue as soon as we can.

Unfortunately, because we recently became self-published, we don't have the hardware to develop and release PS4 patches right now. We are trying to get those tools as soon as we can, and then speed up a new patch.